Panoramic Water Fall

These are the "wet" (containing water) components of the landscape. These could include ponds, waterfalls, fountains, and water gardens. Ponds and water gardens often contain plants and/or fish.


Decorative Fountain

Fountains bring new sensory experiences to the landsacpe in the form of movement and sound. The sight and sound of the trickling water can be relaxing and hypnotizing. Fountains come in all sizes from small to large and may be prefabricated or custom built.

Water Gardens

Aquatic Plant Garden

Water gardens are simply ponds that display aquatic plants. Most ponds become water gardens as a matter of necessity because the plants of the correct type provide a natural way to oxygenate the water, which helps keep it clean and free of algae. Aquatic plants are very different in appearance when compared to common landscaping plants and provice a unique variation not found in many landscapes.


Rock Cascading Waterfall

A pondless water feature is a fountain, waterfall, or some other flowing water feature that does not incorporate a pond.

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