Panoramic Landscape Border

These are the "soft" horticultural (living & growing) components of a landscape. These could include flowers, trees, shrubs, and groundcovers that constantly change and evolve throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Softscapes are aptly named because they are truly soft to the touch.

Curb Appeal

Nice landscaping adds to the value of your home

People will often ask, how much of my landscape investment will I get back when I sell my house? That is a better question for a real estate agent. Our answer is: when the prospective new owner does A drive by, if the front of your house is not well designed, well installed, and well maintained, they will do just that, drive by. Sale lost. The front of your house is public space for you and all to see. It should be a mark of pride for you. It should give you a sense of wellness as you arrive home from work or play, even a weeks vacation. Invest in that.

Annual Beds

Annual flower beds make a beautiful border around your house

Part of a landscape designer’s job for the front yard domain is to attract visitors and passers by to the front door. One of the best tools for that is an element in the landscape that draws their attention, and one of the best elements is a grand display of annual color. Yes it is only effective in the warmer months, but a winter season substitute can be used during the cold months. Annual beds do not need to be restricted to just the front door. Their color can be used to enhance your experiences as you and your guests stroll thru the landscape, from the front door, to the patio, thru the gate, to the pool, to the out door kitchen. Annuals provide our best pallet of color options, and we use them in abundance. See our project gallery for more examples of our work.


Expert Lawn Crew

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