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Custom swimming pool bridge
Professionally designed solutions create a unique landscape.
Centrally monitored commercial security system
Softscapes: The living part of a landscape. Colorful, fluid, and ever changing.
Bordered flowerbed in front of retaining wall
Hardscapes: Durable landscape structures constructed of concrete, blocks, and stone.
Small landscape pond with small waterfall
Waterscapes: Waterfalls, fountains, and ponds to bind the landscape elements together.
Lighting to provide beauty and security
Lightscapes: Accent lighting that provides security and shows off the landscape after dark.

We hope that the photos of our completed landscape projects will bring a sense of inspiration to you. We offer many options to you thru the landscape design pallet. Much as a painter has many colors at their disposal, their ability to blend those colors and insert them into a composition is what brings a masterpiece to life. We also have many materials we can blend together in the hardscape portion of your design, with innumerable plant options to bring your landscape to life. Don’t forget the evening hours when most of us are home but the landscape is dark. Unlike the artist tied to pigments, we can paint with light. We can give you that sense of wellness when you arrive home after dark say, "wow, that is my home that glows so brightly on the block. I am proud of that". Check out our lighting photos that will illuminate what we can do for you after dark. Please browse our site and send us your contact information if you think we can help you discover the landscape masterpiece that needs to be painted around your home. Thanks for visiting,

Greg Maxwell.

Company History

Lester Maxwell
Lester R Maxwell Sr
Truck relocating a large tree

We are now in the third generation of Maxwell's in the care of our outdoor home landscapes. The first generation, started by Lester R Maxwell Senior, my grandfather, went by the name Maxwell Tree Expert Co. in Garden City NY. Even though it closed during the depression, it set in motion the foundation and belief systems in our current company. No task was too great a challenge as evidenced in the accompanying photos. He managed to move very large trees in full leaf with the equipment and man power at his disposal in the 1920's. The third generation has followed suit by moving a large blue spruce donated by Cedric Du Hadway to the North West corner of Summit Square. When the block was reconfigured approximately 3 years later into its present layout, we again moved the spruce to its present location on the North East corner. That is just one example of the influence Lester senior had on his son. Lester R Jr, and in turn, passed on to me.

Old Maxwell logo
Moving large trees was our business

Maxwell Tree Expert Co Inc was again started in 1957 by Lester R Maxwell Jr. and his wife Joan in Fort Wayne, In. At its one truck infancy, Les would often pick up his ground crew for the day at the rescue mission. Most of the time, it would be a different crew member each day. Les' love of trees and of his clients was obvious, and his referrals continued to support his expansion into the premier tree company of its time.

New Maxwell logo

The third generation of Maxwell found contact with the soil rather than tree branches more appealing. Thus, the landscape department was started upon my graduation from Purdue in 1976. We are now exclusively a design build landscape firm, tasked with carrying on the legacy of generations past and creating landscapes that will endure many years beyond my presence. In 2015 we restyled our logo to show our new company name and our emphasis on designing and installing unique landscapes for our customers.

Fountain Basin Sculpting Basin Basin with fountain Finished fountain

Thank you for considering Maxwell's for your next landscape project. We will do our best to continue the legacy my grandfather started so long ago.

Greg Maxwell

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